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West European Studies

Write a paper (1,000 words) with a thesis statement, an argument, a conclusion, as well as citations and a list of works cited based on your readings on the Renaissance. The thesis statement of your paper will serve as the answer to the question below, followed by an argument that explains how your thesis statement answers the question.Question:What new ideas were associated with the Renaissance?Sources:McKay, “Intellectual Change,” p. 372–384, “Art and the Artist,” p. 384–389McKay Primary source: Cassandra Fedele on Humanist Learning, p. 374–375.Power Point presentation: The Renaissance.While it is not prohibited, I discourage you from using sources beyond those listed above. Instead, concentrate on writing a good argument.Because your references should come from class readings, you may use parenthetical citation within your text. That is, cite as follows: (McKay, A History of Western Civilization, p. 306) (The Renaissance slide 3).********PLEASE USE LOTS OF CITATIONS********

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