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Critically discuss and reflect on the principles and practice of managing a project with reference to the group project• Points to remember:• This is a reflective essay and as such you can write in the first person (I do think that 3rd person helps you more with this though)• Be professional in your feedback, remember anonymity is just as important as in other essays – refer to behaviours by individuals when discussing issues etc.• Please do include diagrams* in the main body of your essay – these don’t go towards your word count and greatly help to illustrate your discussions. They must be numbered as Figure 1, Figure 2 etc and each one must have a title, citing the source of the diagram*not elements of your action planSUGGESTED ESSAY STRUCTURE..• Introduction – setting out the context and how you will approach the essay• Definitions of Project Management from the literature (discuss differences between them)• Compare and contrast at least 2 project management models (e.g. Basic Life Cycle, 4D, PRINCE 2, 6 stage etc.) What are the advantages and disadvantages (use the literature to evidence these differences)• Say which model you are going to use and then use it to structure your essay, use the steps in the model for your sub headings.• At each stage of your chosen model, discuss what you have learned from the academic literature and apply this to your experience with the team project.• End with a STRONG conclusion – don’t just…fade…aw……………………….• Reference list• Appear after everything else. These can be any supplementary elements to give depth to your work – NOT extra new content.• Name as Appendix A, B etc.• Typically these are things like;– a questionnaire you might have used on the day to illustrate evaluation techniques– an annotated model of reflection to illustrate your experience alluded to in the main body of the work– bullet points of learning from your project final review meeting, that sort of thing.MY PROJECT WAS ON HEALTHY EATING – ENCOURAGE AND INFORM STUDENTS HOW HEALTHY MEALS CAN BE EAISLY INTRODUCED INTO OUR DIETS AT A LOW PRICEYOU CAN INCLUDE RESEARCH HAS SHOWN THAT IN “BRADFORD AND AIREDALE AROUND HALF OF ALL ADULTS ARE PUTTING THEIR HEALTH AT RISK BY CARRYING EXCESS WEIGHT” (BRADFORD METROPOLITIAN DISTRICT COUNCIL 2015) AND BY 2034 IT IS PREDICTED THAT “70% OF ADULTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE” (BHATIA , Davies 2015)Include we did a questionnaire showed that only 13% of students eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, just over half of students eat three meals a day and 26% of students eat fast food on average three times a week.PLEASE INCLUDE IMAGES SUCH AS 6 STAGE MODEL OR PRINCE 2 PLEASE LOOK AT THE EXMPLE COPY..PLEASE DO INCLUDE IMAGES AS THEY WANT TOO SEEMY ROLE WAS RESOURCE INVESTIGATOR AND MANAGER DESIGNER OF LOW BUDGET MEAL AND SMOOTHIE MENU, IDENTIFYING AND DEALING WITH ISSUES THAT MAY AFFECT RESOURCE PERFORMANCE, ENSURING APPROPRIATE MODELS,COSTUMES LEAFLETS AND POSTERS ARE RESERVED READY FOR THE HEALTH INFORMATION STALL.WHEN IT SAYS APPENDIX 1 ETC PLEASE ADD LOOK AT EXAMPLE.. ADD THE AIM AND OBJECTIVES, PUT IT AS AIM AND OBJECTIVES (SEE APPENDIX 1) SO FORTH.THE MAIN CONCERN IN THE PROJECT WAS ONE GROUP MEMBER NOT TURNING UP WHICH MEANT WE HAD TO SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITIES OUT AZWEL AS THE BUDGET.THEY WHERE 5 PEOPLE IN OUR GROUP.