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What are the possible effects of debts and usury to the economy?

Here are 5 questions, I need you choose three of them. And answer them by using a short essay. That means I need 3 short essay which one should has about 400 worlds.
These question are all about the chapter 3 of the book “Beggar thy neighbor : a history of usury and debt / Charles R. Geisst”.

1. What are the possible effects of debts and usury to the economy?
2. What was the perspective of the individuals who had debts and usury?
3. Several Dutch cities implemented the tontines that gave them much success. What were the core values or advantages of the tontines?
4. During the Glorious Revolution of 1688, the usury conversation had a declined projection compare to the earlier periods. How did the usury ensure it still remained in the commercial position?
5. Apart from the Bank of England playing the role as intermediary between the government and its people, what were the other means of creating revenue?

Above all, I will upload the instructions. Please read it clearly and carefully, and do follow it. I will also upload the BTN’s chapter 3 file, you should read it and answer the questions according to the chapter content.
Thank you!

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