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Writ about develop a workshop / nursing

focusing on the soft skills used for managing people. the soft approaches implies the human side of HRM.
Human Capital Theory states that organizations derive economic value from employees’ skills, competences, knowledge and experience (Truss C …. 2012).

choose 3 soft skills for managing HR effectively/efficiently and develop for the managers of your organisation.

1. write an introduction by introducing a theme. justify yuor choice.
2. choose your 3 topics and justify why have chosen these topices for SHRM
3. align your choice with vision, mission and strategic plan
4.write 3 or 4 learning objectives for each of each of the topics. (bloom taxonomy should be used for level 5 high level for verbs)
5. choose guest speakers for your topics. justify why?
6. draw up: a tamplet for the following:
programme, evaluation form, invitations(specify number), suggest a budget, venue and date, others
7. conclude
8. not to exceed 2000 wards excluding table, graphs

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