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Develop a proposal which identifies all of the activities you would perform to address a business issue

This is a group project so i only need to contribute 2 pages.
the topic i am responsible for is **Requirements Management and Communication.***

i shall also paste a copy of the group emails and the document they have made so far so you have an idea what we are working on.

Hi All,

As Shawn agreed to go ahead with the topic of Virtual 3D dressing room, I thought I will start on it as we only have 3 days left and no other group member replied for 2 days.

Please see attached, I have written the executive summary and the enterprise analysis. It explains the idea of the 3D virtual dressing room software and I chose GAP INC. as our client.

Basically, the report we are writing is to GAP INC. to sell our software.

There are altogether 5 topics and 5 group members.

Please select your section and add your contribution as soon as possible, (it should be 1 to 1 1/2 pages each).

1. Executive summary & Enterprise Analysis – Lakmini

2. Requirements Elicitation – ?

3. Requirements Analysis – Shawn (Evaluation criteria comes under this)

4. Requirement Management/ Communication – ?

5. Solution Assessment / Validation – ?

Please change the version number after you write your section.
Good luck!


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