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Write about Foundations of Conflict Resolution Management TDS Interpersonal Conflicts

NCM501 Foundations of Conflict Resolution Management TDS

Interpersonal Conflicts

Part I: Science and Art
“Selecting the most effective strategy is the science of conflict management; applying it skillfully is the art.”
1 What do we need to do, in order to achieve the knowledge and attain the skills of Conflict Resolution Management (CRM)?
2 Discuss in your answer the different types of conflict: Personal, Substantive, etc.
Part II: Interpersonal Conflicts
Some sources of Interpersonal Conflicts, are:
a. Personal differences (needs, wants)
b. Having to coexist in close proximity
c. Limited resources
d. The quest for power and dominance
e. Differences in beliefs and color (ethnic, race, religion)
1 Choose one of the above (if possible a different item from other postings) and explain if it can be overcome.
Can we bridge the difference stemming from this type of source, or is it a “lost cause”’?

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