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Brief on Calculus

the book is Brief Calculus: an Applied Approach, 9th edition
the book picture is in a file also the answers are in the back of the book but i need the work for each
ok so i will send the math problems in a file.
and i want u please to work only on the first three of each of them
for example
1.3 solve 2,9,and 22
1.4 solve 5,6,10
work all of the first three of each.
and please make sure u put the question in red color and the answers on blue or black
also can u please separate each of them. i mean like from 1.3-2.8 them make a space
then from 3.1-3.8 another space
then 4.1-4.6 another space
then 5.1-5.6 another space
then 6.1-6.4 another space
finally 7.4-7.6
so that way it will look easier to go through
also please can u send me and example of one of these problem so i can see the way it works
sorry lots of work

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