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The Deepening of the European Crisis: World War II

Prelude to War (1933-1939)
The role of Hitler
The “Diplomatic Revolution” (1933-1936)
The Path to War in Europe (1937-1939)
The Path to War in Asia

The Course of Wolrd War II
Victory and Stalemate
The War in Asia
The Turning Point of the War (1942-1943)
The last year of the War

The new Order
The Nazi Empire
Resistance Movements
The Holocaust
The New Order in Asia

The Home Front
The Mobilization of People
Frontline Civilians: The Bombing of Cities

Aftermath of the War: Cold War
The Conference at Teheran
Intensifying Differences
Emergence of the Cold War

Please use this book western civilization Jackson j. Spielvogel any edition ch 27 on the 6th edition

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