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what should have been the role of the nurse in the scenario?

Mrs. Jeng an 89 yrs old woman who was found on the floor of her room. She states that she got dizzy and sat on the floor and did not fall. She was bought in for observation &testing. HCP reviews the nursing hx in the EHR and pt first assessment while he is placing order in chart, he is given an electronic alert by clinical information system to remind him that he may want to order a MRI of the brain to R/o CVA. HCP cancels alert because he believes that observation of apand re-eval her in a.m. Will suffice. As he walks on floor the next morning, nurse signals him frantically to come and see Mrs. jeng. It appears that she has a major CVA. HCP knows that this may have happened with or without Mrs. Jeng having an MRI the day before, but he’s concerned about the ramifications of the cancelling the alert day before. a.) HCP cancelled that alert b/c he felt that it was not clinically necessary. How does the CIS “knows” that an MRI of brain is was an appropriate intervention? B) what are the potential ramifications for cancelled alerts? c) what should have been the role of the nurse in the scenario?

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