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Perform critical analysis from reading Lenioni’s book,’ The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ (Which I included as a PDF))

reading Lenioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, perform a critical analysis of two vice-presidents (Nick and Mikey) in the Decision-Tech Corporations story considering how these two vice presidents reacted to team dynamics and the how they adapted to the new CEOs leadership and organizational changes.
Use the following concepts in your analysis: definition and use of politics, single- and Double loop learning, and analyze team dynamics by conducting a critical analysis using each of the five dysfunctions as your assessment tool.

Write a 3-page paper critically analysis of Nicks and Mikeys reactions to other team members and Kathrine, the new CEO’s, in the context of leadership team development and leadership styles (1-page dedicated to analyzing Nick and 1-page analyzing Mikey). The additional page provides space for your introduction to the topic, synthesis of your critical analysis findings, and concluding summary of your main learning points. Use the grading rubric to help you format and organize your work. Cite and reference supporting evidence from Lencionis book and other course material to support your critical analysis. An additional page is used to reference your work using APA style.

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