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Discuss about traditional game of Indonesia

Organization in general: Have Cover Page, Table of Content, Reference list, Tables, Pictures and Appendices (if any),and present in correct order.
6-Scientific background: The document should fully follows APA style writing. At least 8 references are used. All references are used as in text citation, at least 2 quotations, supporting the main idea are correctly applied.
7-Writen clarity and general: Have less than 3 grammatical errors or mistakes and the term paper should be well-written, organized and easy to understand and/or follow.
8-Specific Introduction: Demonstrate a suitable literature review containing 5-6 important facts of the chosen Game. The applied skills involved in that game should be well explained as well.
9-Materials of the game: All materials for playing the game should be explained in details.
10-Rules of the game: All rules should be well explained and supported with literature.
11-Aim of the game: The aim of the chosen game should be explained in details. At least 2 major objectives of the games must be clearly stated, and at least 2 major learning outcomes of game must be explained.
12-Age related physiological and psychological effects of playing the game: All effects of the game on children and elderly people must be well explained.
13-Specific discussion: The discussion must include the benefits of the game and compare the games benefits to 4 (four) other games.

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