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Talk about employment

The parts of this assignment:

1) Read chapter 7 “Paging Dr. Frankenstein” in your book, You Majored In What?
2) Choose one of the occupations/careers you wrote about in Assignment 5
3) Complete an informational interview (Follow steps below)

4) Write a follow-up paper addressing the following:

Indicate the name of the person interviewed, their job title and current employer.
Include a list of the questions you asked and their responses OR give a general summary
How has this interview educated you on the field?
Is this profession still of interest to you following the informational interview. Why? Or why not?
What new things have you learned about your views on the world of work?
How was the informational interview beneficial to you and the choices you now have to make?

Pre-Interview Research

Read the Informational Interview Guide in D2L (in D2L, Materials>Content>Additional Resources) – very important! This guide will help you prepare for your interview.

Choose an Occupation/Person to Interview

Choose one of the occupations/careers you wrote about in the Career Research paper.
Find someone who works in that career to interview. To find a person to interview, utilize your personal network (family, friends, professors, neighbors etc), LinkedIn, company websites, etc to find someone. Contact me if you are having difficulty () and I can help you connect with a professional. While they are great resources to help you find someone to interview, interviewing family or friends should be used as a last resort.

Conduct the Interview

Utilize the interview guide you read in step 1
Arrange your interview
Introduce yourself ~ name, UW-Superior student, taking career exploration course
How you got their name ~ I was referred by…
Reason for call ~ request appointment for informational interview as part of class assignment…
Expectations ~ 30 minutes of your time to ask questions about your career and educational background

Interview Conduct
Appropriate dress
Arrive on time
Shake hands and introduce yourself again
Have questions prepared ahead of time and typed up with space to take notes (it is nice to send your questions ahead of time to give the person time to think about their answers)
After the Interview
Thank him/her for taking the time with you
Jot down any other notes you want to be sure to remember when writing your paper
Send a hand-written thank you note or email

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