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Discipline policies

Managing and evaluating employees take the major part of a manager’s time. It is important that employees know what the company expects of them and how their performances will be evaluated.


For the employee handbook for the course project scenario company, do the following:

Discuss at least three advantages for the company of having a progressive discipline policy.
Discuss at least three advantages for the employees of the company of having a written progressive discipline policy.
Write a progressive discipline process for the buyer’s position.
Include at least four steps in the progressive discipline process ending with termination. Make sure that you describe each step and support the step as the next in the process.
Describe the process and documentation for terminating an employee
Identify the instances (include three) in which the employee can be terminated without the whole discipline process being used. Support why these instances warrant immediate termination.

Make sure that you include the details of both policies so the employee knows exactly what behavior is expected on the job and exactly what the process is for dealing with non-compliance.

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