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Discuss Special Education Teacher Responsibilities

APA format 6th edition, answer questions accordingly and provide evidence.

The responsibilities of a special education teacher are multi-faceted. Student program development, meeting coordination, student advocacy, curriculum development, assessment, collaboration with colleagues and parents, team leading, and the oversight and professional development of paraeducators are a few examples. Applying culturally-responsive practices related to the service of students with disabilities is also an obligatory practice.

Discuss the following:
For those students who are eligible under the special education category of Specific Learning Disability in Reading and who have English Language Learning needs, what factors would you consider when determining IEP goals and objectives?
How would you assure that a student’s level of language proficiency is accurately reflected in the PLAAFP?
What supports may be needed?
What teaming practices may encourage a strong parent-teacher collaborative relationship? What are some barriers to family and parental involvement? What might you do as an educator to reduce these barriers?

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