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Research on Zimmerman vs Martin

Guide and Help Information For Zimmerman/Martin Research Paper and Discussion Forum
Do you want to complete “Extra Optional Credit – 60 Points – For the Zimmerman vs Martin Research Paper, and the Discussion Forum, to supplement your grade point?

The research paper is worth 45 points. The discussion forum is worth 15 points.

Based upon popular students’ demands to boost their Final Grades, I decided to offer the sixty (60) extra credit optional credit points. Please note that you are not compelled to complete them. It is your choice, which you may consider.

For this requirement, you have to do the following:

a. Create your research paper first.

b. Then create a summary (brief to the point) from your research paper. You will will subsequently place the summary into your discussion.

If you take the challenge, please follow the below guide:

1. Click Assignments, located at the left side of Blackboard Menu.

2. Scroll down, and locate the link, Optional/Extra Credit: George Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin

3. Click the link, follow the directions, and commence working on your optional/extra credit.

You should do as many extra credits so that you can make that desired grade of A. Smile

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