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Write a research paper about concussion in sports

please write a research paper about concussion in sports, I uploaded the first draft so you can add more papers to what i had, write an abstract on the first paper after finishing writing the paper, you can add more sources if needed.
To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include several of the following course objectives:
(*indicates General Education Learning Outcome for “Communication”)
• Locate, evaluate, and integrate relevant information from print and electronic sources;
• Critically read and respond to texts;
• Demonstrate an awareness of audience, purpose, and genre for oral and written work;*
• Demonstrate oral presentation skills, including the use of appropriate verbal and non-verbal skills;*
• Convey information–text, data, and images–purposefully and effectively through a variety of methods;*
• Apply process-writing techniques to a semester-long research project;
• Follow the conventions of standard English including grammar spelling, punctuation, and mechanics;*
• Reference information ethically and appropriately.*

Criteria for evaluation:
• Analysis: explanation of the subject and clearly identified thesis statement that forecasts your essay’s main ideas, which will be supported by specific evidence in the body of the essay
• Organization: essay is coherently organized around a controlling idea, with individual paragraphs that include identifiable topic sentences and material related to topics
• Engagement with source material: using quotes and paraphrase in a balanced way, attaching source material to your own words and thoughts and demonstrating ongoing analysis of this material, carefully balancing the use of all sources; APA References page
• Readability: use of proper standards for a formal essay; appropriate citational form for both in-text citations and References entries; grammar, mechanics, spelling, etc.; mistakes found by careful editing, such as run-ons, fragments, subject-verb agreement, etc.

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