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Analyze Scenario based on the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

I will be presenting a case example that students will analyze based on the ABC model of crisis intervention. Students will use the model to work through the presenting problem and crisis. The purpose of this assignment is to help students examine a potential clinical case and apply the short term approach. The paper will approximately be 3-5 pages in length.

Mary is a 18 year old college student. She has been away at school for one semester and is doing poorly both academically and socially. She was a shy adolescent in grade school and high school but has always been a good student. She seems withdrawn from family since coming home for the winter break ( she has always had a strong relationship with her mother and her younger sister). Mary\’s mother tries to approach her and see what is going on, but has not received more than a couple word answers from her. Mary seems to be losing weight, her sleep habits have changed and she sleeps during the day and is awake a lot of the night, and she does not appear to be taking care of her physical appearance. Mary\’s mother is a nurse and has experience working with mental health and starts to feel increasingly concerned about Mary\’s behaviors so she brings Mary to see a counselor. Mary agrees to come to meet with the counselor, but states that she doesn\’t want to talk to anyone.
As a clinician and someone new in Mary\’s world- how do you engage her in a conversation? What sorts of information would you want to gather to make an assessment and plan? What is your ultimate treatment plan?
Using the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention, please provide a sample script of how you would interact with Mary. Please refer to page 74 in chapter 3 for an example. Please be as specific as possible with your interventions and provide an explanation as to how this approach will be helpful in this scenario.

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