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Exploration the Perceptions of Special Education Teachers of Educational Interventions in a Preschool Intellectual Disability Centre

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I have already findings for this issue what I want you to write the literature review for this finding include definitions , arguments and theoretical framework for the study what the research said about each points
I have wrote some of them and I will uploaded and the role of you is to see what
such as ID definitions and characteristics of intellectual disability children I want you to see what the literature review said and organized dont rely on my findings organized see what the literature review said and organize then I will change my finding organize if there any thing need change

as well as I will upload thesis like my thesis but focused on Autism not on intellectual disability children

my study was in center specialist for intellectual disability children its in self contained not in inclusion or mainstreaming setting
its with preschool ages from 3 to 6
please try to find latest references
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