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Discuss the importance of Pre-pregnancy Nutrition

Pre-pregnancy nutrition is as important as nutrition during pregnancy. Read the scenario below and respond to the questions:

Mary Jane is a 32-year-old female who is planning on becoming pregnant within the year. She has hypertension, and the doctor is placing her on another medication that is safer during pregnancy. She is about 20 pounds overweight (5’5” tall and weighs 145 pounds) and trying to lose weight. She provides you with a 3 day food record, in which she typically consumes two meals per day (lunch and dinner) and it tends to be low in calories, 1200, and high in protein (22% of her total calories from protein). The only exercise she does is walking around her building as she is an administrative assistant at a grade school.

1.Identify one condition Mary has that you can manage with diet and exercise.
2.How much exercise would you recommend for her?
3.List at least two nutrients, which includes the RDAs, Mary would have to consume prior to pregnancy.
4.Based on the fact she consumes 1200 calories with 22% of total calories from protein and consumes 2 meals per day, what would you recommend her to do differently?
5.How would your recommendations change if Mary was 22 years old, or 45 years old, or obese prior to pregnancy, or was underweight prior to pregnancy, or an athlete? You only need to choose one of the conditions to answer this question.

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