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Explain each architecture building in detail in an artistic/architecture flow.

Project description
This essay is about explaining each architecture building in detail in an artistic/architecture flow. You have 4 buildings explain each building project in detail by answering the questions below in a description flow (essay style) use architecture words, This is not simply answering each questions but more of an artistic/architecture description to engage the reader to want to know more about each building. THIS POINT IS VERY IMPORTANT
Divide this essay into 4 sections and answer the questions below in essay format with great detail for each of the four buildings.

1. What is the objectives/goal of the building? what are you trying to achieve in terms of Design/Function. Why did you design it to be like that? What inspired you to design such a building?
2. Where is the site?
3. What is the concept?
4. How your design concept works?

-1st Building: High rise Hotel.
Explain that you were inspired by the beauty of waves and that the hotel is located on an island. explain each building exterior in detail and explain how it has open space in the interior and how this is very important to your design and concept.

2nd Building: Residential Apartments and Commercial Complex.
this building has both apartments and a mall. explain that one part of the building a as a modern artistic glass entrance. explain where what you were inspired by to create this glass entrance.

3rd Building: Museum In The Middle of Nowhere.
Explain how the design was inspired by the shape of sand dunes and one single drop of water. explain how modern and open the building is. the building is located in a open area.

4th: Art Museum:
Explain that each face of the building projects artistic light. Explain how this building was designed and inspired by the human hand. The building is located in a downtown city. Overlooking the sea.

Remember the objective of this essay is to explain each project with the purpose of engaging the reader to wanting to know more about the building its purpose, concept function and design. This needs to be well detailed creative essay. please add more information to each building mentioned above and explain more than whats written above.
Instruction files

1st_building_hotel.jpg(53,23 KiB)

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