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explain Theological review

Read article by C. Pate. Genesis 1-3 Creation and Adam in context\”, Criswell Theological review 10 (2013) 3-25 available thru the ATLA database ANSWER 3 QUESTION. (1.) Explain your view of the creation account in 1. do you read as a literal six-day creation or another interaction. What details or evidence most influence your understanding of this text, that says its literally or figuratively. 300 to 4oo words. (2.) What is your view on the age of the universe, and do you believe that the data in Genesis 1-11 can be reconciled with old earth view? why or why not. 200 words. (3.) What evidence shapes your view on the issues of historicity of Adam and Eve? explain your understanding of the Theological significance and importance of this issue. 200 words 1 sources is the articles and in your own words>

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