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Topic: An analytical study of Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) related to outsourcing of manufacturing in China with focus on Technology Industry

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I’m waiting the responding for my questionnaire from the people who I have sent them the questionnaire to collect data and Data Analysis, NOW I had been asked to write the Methodology (how it will be ? critical analysis or statistical analysis ? ) until I got the responds
Additionally, in regard to the outline of the methodology chapter My supervisor has recommended me very useful the approach of Saunders et al (2009) Research methods for business students. In chapter 4 they introduce the Research onion, which pretty much shows you the outline of the methodology chapter. In Chapter 4 they discuss the philosophical considerations that you will need to address, and then in Chapter 5 they discuss the rest of the topics that will have to be addressed. Of course this is a starting point only
Attached the lit- re and the final draft from the questionnaire
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