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Does the World Heritage Site designation attract visitors per se?

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• Essay must be approximately 2500 words.
• Must draw on academic literature and theory in this essay.
• Must use Harvard Referencing, one reference list at the end of your essay.

About The Essay:

• Is the world heritage site designation carry enough weight to attract visitor.
• If an attraction have heritage site designation is that enough to attract the visitor.
• The answer can be yes can be no depending on designated site, So need to make argument and example. (You need to refer good example and provide good case study)
• Need to focus the key words (World Heritage Site), (World Heritage Site designation), (attract visitors).
• Need to have an argument of the topic based on marketing, promotion.


• Introduction
• First discuss about (World Heritage Site), (World Heritage Site designation) and talk what it supposes to bring in term of benefit.
• Then go into how benefit to attract visitors or bringing visitor. Must draw on academic literature, theory and argument about the topic (minimum 15 case study examples).
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