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Advertising Analysis Assignment

Project description
Make sure to choose a published print ad not a promotional image or artwork
Core Requirements for this assignment
-Critical Thinking
-Articulated and developed ideas
Some questions you may find useful when analyzing the ad ?
Which product/service/event is being pitched?
talk about the company that made this ad
talk about everything in the ad/ photo/ colors/ the things they used?
What persuasive strategy is being used? ?
What makes you or others want to purchase this product? How does the ad try to appeal on an emotional and/or intellectual level? ?
What is the intended effect of the ad and how does it try to achieve this? ?
What is the ad saying about society or culture? Which cultural symbols does it use? How does it affect culture and society? ?
What is the ad for? What does the ad look like? ?
Who is the audience for the ad? How do you know? How would you describe them? How would you characterize their interests and desires? What assumptions are the writers of the ad making about the people who make up the audience? ?
How is the ad designed to appeal to that particular audience? What message(s) do the designers of the ad want to give them? What is the ad really saying? ?
Added on 30.09.2016 17:02
no nude people in the AD or people wearing revealing clothes.
the AD should have a good and deep meaning.
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