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Literature review on international development project management and critical success factors

Project description
literature review describes, synthesizes and analyzes a body of scholarship to uncover themes, gaps, discrepancies, debates, and methodological issues pertaining to an issue area. A literature review is not a descriptive list of texts, although the writing process necessarily involves summarizing texts as a preliminary step. The purpose of this assignment is threefold: uncover what the literature tells us about critical success factors in international development project management; strengthen research skills by using grounded theory to analyze a collection of academic texts; locate this subset of scholarship dealing with international development projects within schools of thought of the broader project management literature.
Instruction files

soderlund_theoretical_foundations.pdf(258,17 KiB)
pinto_slevin_csf_in_effective_project_implementation.pdf(1,76 MiB)
idsco4hf3_assignment1_litreview.docx(133,30 KiB)
johnston_what_is_a_literature_review-4.doc(37,50 KiB)