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Discuss the ways of solving a problem that a real business is facing ( i choosed La Chocolat Restaurant in Bahrain)

Project description
I\’ve already started my IA, its about a restaurant in Bahrain.. my IA includes an introduction, interview with the manager of La Chocolat, Comparing Observation, Screenshot of an email that the manager has sent me discussing the business problem, Findings, Business tools, Boston Matrix, Ansoff Matrix, and a questionnaire.
As you see i\’ve a lot of things done but sadly when i got my first draft back my teacher gave me feedbacks so i have to fix a lot of things of my IA and i don\’t have time so i wanted you to do it.
ill send you my IA on email and ill picture you the notes my teacher wrote on each page so you could fix it.
But please!! don\’t use any sources and nothing from the internet! because I\’m an IB student and no plagiarism.
Added on 21.09.2016 15:12
ill attach my IA here and ill write my teachers feedbacks in bold red so you\\\”d know and fix it.
please don\\\”t use any sources , no info from the internet because I\\\”m not allowed to and no plagiarism.

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