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Project description
Complete the Worksheet.
Look up each term, concept, document, person or group.
Put an APA formatted citation for the source, in the box with your response. (Author, date, page# for quotes)
Add a Reference List at the end with all of the sources that you use.
Provide a complete response that shows that you understand the topic.
Do not worry that the response expands the box or overlaps the page. I can still read the information.
The short answer essay does not have to be formatted with a cover sheet and running head. Use the space provided for your responses
Points: Each line of the worksheet is worth 1 point. The essay is worth 1 point.
Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
Instruction files

pol115_r2_civil_rights_civil_liberties_worksheettpsweek4.doc(62,50 KiB)

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