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Enterprise resource planning.(ERP)

This assignment will build upon the example system you’ve been working on in MS Access this semester. Use the same MS Access database you created for your Supply Chain/Operations module in the last assignment. To complete this assignment, do the following: 1) Create any necessary tables to support Sales and CRM functions, as you outlined […]

Sainsbury’s in Egypt

Module learning outcomes being assessed Identify and employ appropriate strategic frame works to evaluate the structures of global trade and international business. Critically evaluate the impact of socio-economic, political and legal environments on international business. Explain and assess the operational strategies used in international business and the importance of these strategies in global business development. […]

Property Easements

1. Read the study guide pages included in the Dropbox folder to familiarise yourself on the subject for this problem. Easements. 2. Refer to the lecture slides for specific sections of the legislation sections and case law and cases etc relevant to answering/supporting arguments for this hypothetical problem. 3. Look over the hypothetical example and […]

Hunger and Famine

This session looks at famine: we go from the microcosm of malnutrition to the macrocosm of economies of food and aid. Have a look the readings with a view to asking: •Are we likely to ever see an end to famine? •What roles do aid and development (I’m thinking abut the dichotomy – false or […]


Follow the instructions for the virtualization exercise, Project 10-1, on pages 480-483 of your textbook. Write at least a one page reflective summary of what occurred during this lab exercise for you. Include any suggestions you may have about this exercise or any surprises that occurred during this lab. Be sure to include a screen […]


Essay question: -Critically evaluate the principle of “freedom of movement” with reference to arguments for, and against, open borders between countries. Assessment Criteria: 1. Describe key theories and principles of social justice in relation to welfare and wellbeing 2. Critically evaluate key theories and principles of social justice for the formulation of social policies 3. […]

Communication and health profession

Description The topic of the essay is how good communication skills can contribute to the provision of effective health professional services. You will use the scenario below, then find and read at least FIVE relevant articles from academic literature about that topic. While you are reading, you should find TWO communication skills to discuss that […]

Health Care

Review EHR selected in the Week 3 Clinical Activity. Create a job aid for new nurse administrators at your practicum facility. Include the following: A brief description of the EHR being used Assessment of how the EHR does aligns to healthcare information standards If alignment is missing, review the standards that need to be considered. […]


Read the article attached, then respond to it via philosophy perspective. The paper SHOULD include: – 5 full pages. NOT COUNTING THE WORK CITED PAGE. – An introduction with SPECIF THESIS. – The second paragraph should be a summary of the article. – The rest of the paper should center on a specific, arguable, novel […]

Christianity Reflection Essay

Students are required to write brief (300-500 words, or 1-2 pgs.) essays expressing their response to a body of lectures covering each religious tradition studied in the course. Each essay must be written on a specific topic derived from the Conceptual Toolkit. The Toolkit lists the following seven topical categories: (1) Ultimate Reality, (2) Human […]