Describe the function of the baseline behavior.

Ethics of Punishment Paper   Write a 350- to 700-word paper discussing the following: Briefly describe a personal situation in which punishment could be used. What are some of the possible areas of concern with punishment? Which do you feel is most concerning? When would an extinction procedure be more beneficial? How would you implement the […]

Health Care Reimbursement

6273 – Project Part One: Health Care Reimbursement – UNIT 3 PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IF YOU CANNOT GET THIS DONE WITHIN THE NEXT 6 HOURS. THIS PAPER MUST INCLUDE AN ABSTRACT AND CONCLUSION. The first part of the course project is an analysis of current health care reimbursement policies and their effect on financial […]

How do the products that company offers compare to the products Bair Analytics offers?

ros-Cons-Faults-&-Fixes Based on the required readings, lecture materials, scenario, and video for Week 7, you will turn in a word processing document with the following elements: 1. A cover sheet. 2. No less than four full pages of written text the Pros-Cons-Faults-And-Fixes technique to determine which option (or variation thereof) you recommend the TPD pursue. […]


1 Terrorist MCI and 1 Natural MCI [Pin It] You are the senior civilian advisor to the emergency response manager (ERM). The ERM realizes that the psychological impact of a mass-casualty incident (MCI) can be devastating. The ERM is prepared to handle the incident response with emergency personnel and equipment, but he is unsure if […]

Change Plan: Going Paperless

Change Plan: Going Paperless When implementing or even creating a change plan a manager needs to follow a strict process. Big parts of project management are the quantitative techniques that can positively help with any change plan or technique. Before going through the different steps and stages needed to build and implement my change plan […]