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Current event article

Current event article
Ethic paper Instructions
Here is link for article:

Write a report that identifies the ethical issue(s) and applies the frameworks we have been working with in class. This report must include a cover page and bibliography that properly references all of the sources. You should have multiple sources for the topic and at least one source for each framework. Remember I am looking for as much detail as possible when considering the topic. You have 6 major sections with multiple questions to address. Use the following format to structure your report:
1. Summarize the article. Your summary should provide sufficient background information so that your readers will not need to go back and read the original article. (half pages)

2. Identify and describe the most interesting ethics issue you see.
3. Explain how you would interpret this issue using your personal ethical framework. In particular, you should address the principles of your personal ethical framework you are applying and come to a conclusion.
4. Answer the following:
Using Act or Rule Utilitarianism, identify the actors affected in this ethics issue. Which are most affected by this ethics issue? How would you evaluate whether a choice of action was ethical or not?
Under Social Contract theory, identify the right(s) being affected by this ethics issue. What social benefit(s) are being realized by giving up this/these right/rights?
Select one or more of the following personal rights ethical frameworks and describe how the topic affects individual rights: Moral Rights, Virtue Ethics, Relativism, Aristotle’s Ethical Theory, Egoism, Divine Command Theory

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