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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Writing an case analysis based on the case of L’Oréal and the Globalization of American Beauty.
The analysis will be evaluated along the following dimensions:
(a) Identification and prioritization of the central strategic issues in the case
(b) Use of facts from the case (no external research) to support your identification and prioritization
(c) Professional quality (clarity, grammar, spelling) of written work.

Excellent Fair Poor
1)Your Identification and prioritization of the central strategic issues in the case was: Clear identification and prioritization of the main and the secondary themes in the case Reasonably good sum-mary of the main themes, you missed a few, and you attempted some prioritization Spotty and inconsistent, you presented an in-complete picture of the central themes and the secondary themes with little or no prioritization
2) Your use of the facts of the case to support your identification and prioritization was: Meticulous use of facts from the case and per-suasive arguments to support all the themes identified You made an attempt to support your analysis with facts from the case but your arguments were weak or incom-plete Scant: you asserted themes and their impor-tance without support-ing facts from the case
3) The professional quality of your written work was : Smooth, clear and per-suasive writing style. Evidence of meticulous proofreading: no dis-cernible errors in gram-mar and spelling Overall, reasonably clear writing style with a few confusing parts. A few errors in grammar and spelling Line of reasoning was often unclear and con-fusing. Several errors in grammar and spelling.

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